Sangram 2017 – The Championship of Sportsmanship

“Sports do not build character. They reveal it.”
– Heywood Broun

Early morning of November 17th, 2017 saw four contingents from some of the premier B-schools in India converge at the fog-draped city of Kozhikode to set in motion the Sports war of South IIMs – Sangram. Translated from Hindi as ‘Combat’, it is truly a three-day testimony of the grit and skill of players from IIM Bangalore, IIM Kozhikode, IIM Trichy and IIM Vishakapatnam as they battle it out for the trophy.

IIMB, IIMK, IIMT and IIMV Sports Council Secretaries with the Sangram Trophy

This year we experienced talented sportspersons across 13 games ranging from Chess to Kho Kho who fought with perseverance even in the sweltering heat of the ‘Kampus’. We had the pleasure of viewing some amazing plays from the teams who had several national level players in the cohorts, truly showing the diversity of the batches across IIMs. Be it the amazing smashes on the court from the men’s Volleyball team of IIMB or the clean underwater cuts of the girls’ Swim team of IIMK or the smooth striker shots of IIMV Carrom team or the thrilling goals of the men’s Football team of IIMT, there was talent aplenty that the respective contingents could be proud of. At the end of three exhausting but enthralling days, IIMK took the trophy with overall 11 golds while IIMB bagged 8 golds and IIMT, IIMV won one apiece.

The final Gold Medal tallies are as follows –
• Badminton (M) – IIMB
• Badminton (W) – IIMK
• Basketball (M) – IIMK
• Basketball (W) – IIMK
• Carrom (M) – IIMV
• Carrom (W) – IIMK
• Chess (M) – IIMK
• Chess (W) – IIMB
• Cricket – IIMK
• Football – IIMT
• Hockey – IIMK
• Kho Kho – IIMB
• Pool (M) – IIMK
• Pool (W) – IIMK
• Swimming (M) – IIMB
• Swimming (W) – IIMK
• Table Tennis (M) – IIMK
• Table Tennis (W) – IIMB
• Tennis – IIMB
• Throwball – IIMB
• Volleyball – IIMB

Throwball Match Underway!

Neha Salve, captain of the Throwball team talked of the match saying, “It was an amazing experience since we had an unbelievable comeback from 14-20. The opponent team was at match point and we still needed 7 points at a stretch to win. But we managed to fight back and after the win the happiness and enthusiasm of the supportrs was great to watch!
Reflecting on the overall experience, the Sports Council Secretary of IIMB, Ganesh G A, quoted, “Winning or losing doesn’t matter, what matters is how you conduct yourself“, talking about the high spirited event that this was.

But in between all the wins and losses, we realize that although Sangram is about spirited competition, which was visible on the fields, it is also about something much more. It is about coming together of some of the best b-schools in the country to revel in the good company they are in. It is about celebrating ours and others’ strengths. It is about embedding values of hard work and honesty. Because anyone can win a championship but the true test is in who has the sportsmanship.

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