Sangram – A Battle of Skills and Endurance

As winter comes, IIM Kozhikode becomes the ground for the next battle in an eternal war.

A war of valor, perseverance, struggle and determination.
A war that’s wrought in dreams, tempered in sweat and unleashed in exhilaration.
A war of legends.

This war, aptly titled Sangram, is the inter IIM sports meet, which is scheduled to be held from the 17th – 19th of November, and it will see the sporting fraternity of IIM Bangalore, Kozhikode, Trichy and Vishakhapatnam gear up to lock horns. With summer placements complete and midterms done, all sports facilities of IIM Bangalore are witnessing an upswing in participation, and are being used to their fullest by the students to train hard.

For students at IIM Bangalore, the occasion is even more special as they need to defend the title once again as they have been doing so for consecutively more than 5 years now. With a contingent size of more than 160 taking part in 21 different sports, we will again be taking part with enthusiasm in Sangram. To this effect, all sportspersons of IIMB are in the process of stretching themselves to enhance their skills to the maximum and beat their arch-rivals, IIM Kozhikode, in their own home ground. Sangram is going to be tough, but those who practice well will triumph amidst the roar and sledging of their opponent.

Sagram Logo 2017

Ganesh GA, the sports secretary of IIM Bangalore, is confident of upping last year’s performance of 12 gold medals and further solidifying IIMB’s dominant position in Sangram. He points out that the teams have been practicing hard and IIMB is well prepared to take on any challenge. Following the tradition, he is expecting the basketball, kho-kho and volleyball to be high intensity matches which run high on emotions, of not just the players but their supporters as well. When the stakes are so high, nothing less is expected.

Shashi Kashyap, the captain of the basketball team, said that his team is eager to settle scores with IIM Kozhikode, which bagged the gold medal last year at IIM B. Last year, some of IIM B’s key players were out of the playing team owing to injuries, and Shashi has made sure it isn’t the same this time around. Commenting on the preparation, he said that the team has toiled hard under the guidance of the new coach, who has exposure to considerable international experience. He also feels optimistic about the fresh talent emerging from the 2019 batch. When asked about the crowd involvement and sledging, he mentioned that it is part and parcel of the game, and it is something which makes the game fun if done upto a limited extent, and also encourages people to push themselves to the limit.

Sangram also provides students an opportunity to explore a whole new world. Aditya Ranjan, a member of the table tennis squad, said that he was excited in anticipation of experiencing God’s own ‘Kampus’ in its full beauty and glory. He believes that though it is important to be competitive, the focus should be on encouraging healthy competition and sportsmanship. “In the end, everyone is a winner”, he quips.

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