Shubh-Aarambh: The beginning, B Style!

Amanpreet Sword’s (PGP 2013-15) take on Aarambh at IIM B


Aarambh’13: The prelude to a journey of lifetime! Exuberance, enthusiasm and elation were all pervasive in the picturesque stone-walled campus of Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore on the 29th of June. The open air theater was oozing talent as the incoming PGP batch showcased their brilliance in various cultural events.

Aarambh is not just an event but a testimony to the strong IIM-B traditions. It is organized every year by the PGP 1 students for the PGP 2s to exhibit their cultural and managerial skills and to usher in the epoch that leaves indelible footprints in their life. It is the perfect way to bond with batch-mates and it stems friendships for lifetime. Back to school was the theme chosen for this year.

The PGP 1s prepared day in and day out for the event. Some put in efforts to ensure an immaculate 1st impression, some because they loved doing it after the taxing orientation week and others because the enthusiasm was contagious.

Diversity is the existential reality at IIM-B and versatility is its consequence. The PGP-2 batch emphatically marked the beginning of Aarambh with mesmerizing music in its various avatars; from classical to western to rock. It was followed by breath taking dance performances of the PGP-1 batch. They epitomized the most revered classical form of dance, the peppy hip-hop as well as the spicy Bollywood style. The PGP 1s then flaunted their talent in broadly all the genres of Music and we got glimpses of the rockstars and the nightingales of the campus. The skit sent the audiences into splits with hilarious performances including mime and mimicry elucidating the excitement, horrors and behind-the-scene fun associated with “the first week” at IIM-B.   And then the fashion prodigies evoked gasps as they walked down the ramp. Surely, some people would’ve been love-bugged. PGP-2s again enthralled the audience by their splendid dance performance. Boscars’13 was an interesting add-on; the fun-awards were meant to recognize some eccentric achievements or personalities in the PGP-2 batch based on popular choice.

The beginning was amazing. It brought people closer and unveiled the immense talent in IIM-B. And as they say; it is just the beginning!

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