Spardha 2018 – The Battle of Pride

Contributed By: Arun Nayan Singh

4 days. 16 sports. 106 matches. 6 sections. 1 winner.

For those not familiar with the lore, Spardha is the inter-section event at IIM Bangalore where PGP1s and PGP2s come together to battle out for the eternal (or at least lasting for the year) glory, the euphoria of holding the trophy for their section. It is the biggest sports event for the residential students. The main objective is to involve as many people as possible in the sports. This year it was held on 9th-12th August.

The 3-day sports extravaganza started on Thursday evening with the traditional relay race, which Section E won amidst enthusiastic participation by all sections. And thus began the 3-day extravaganza which all PGP students remember. The matches are league based initially, leading to final matches were points scored are counted for the coveted Spardha trophy. Despite their busy schedules, the students came together for the sports, making sure there were enough players, and some to spare for cheering. Matches started after Thursday’s relay race, with many of the sports having one or more matches scheduled till midnight.

On Friday, the battles continued, starting at 9 am. While there were a few injuries, the participation levels didn’t see any dip. Sections chanted their slogans and enjoyed moments of excellent bonding. The passion and the will to win drove everyone towards a common goal.

On Saturday, amidst the grey skies, the pool matches continued. Slowly it became clearer that sections A and C were going to battle it out in most of the finals. Regardless, all sections kept giving their best in individual sports, in the hopes of a turnaround. There were some incredibly close matches, which managed to keep the watchers and players alike on the edge of their seats.

On Sunday, the drizzles continued, but that did little to dampen the spirits of the sections. Most of the finals were rescheduled in the hope that weather would improve. While the rains continued intermittently, the matches were on. As of Sunday night, sections A and C stood neck and neck in the tally. Section A was leading the scoreboard by winning Squash, Futsal, Tennis and Kabaddi, and was runner-up for Carrom, Swimming and Frisbee. Section C had won Carrom, Badminton and Swimming, and was runner-up for Cricket, Throwball, Pool and Kabaddi. Other sections too showed their mettle through their multi talented sport players.

On Monday night, the finals for Volleyball (section B vs section C) and Basketball (section A vs section C) were scheduled. Throughout the day, sections A and C waited for classes to end, to decide who would hold the trophy for this year and who would have to console themselves that they played well. At the destined hour, the closely awaited and closely fought finals were held. Despite the excellent fight section A had put up, Section C won the overall event.

Spardha has brought forward the best sportspersons we have, as a community. Above all, we upheld our motto. We play hard, We play fair. The battles will continue in Sangram, the inter-IIM meet, to be hosted by IIM Bangalore this year.


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