Spoilt for Choice!!

Tamojit Tarit Roy (PGP 2012-14) tells you what you can expect here…

IIMB Campus - Tamojit

The chirping of birds is musical against the back-drop of the serene 100 acres of woods. The sun is beginning to radiate red hues into the early morning sky and the world outside the majestic gates of IIMB is beginning to shrug off the lethargy of a full night’s sleep when I finally call it a day!

Life at IIMB gives me the opportunity to savour and relish each minute of my day (and night)! While I used to while away time and indulge in sweet nothings there was many a moment when I regretted what I did (or perhaps didn’t do) with the time that I had. The situation is diametrically different here!

How about taking a look!?

Waking up and going to sleep are almost simultaneous events with the best scenario being a royal four hours! Waking up leads to a few bites of food at one of the numerous canteens and joints. The walk (sprint) to the classroom is the rough equivalent of a 100m run at the Olympics, especially so when a grade point is on the line! The ones attending classes rue that 50 pages of our rather voluminous text books get covered at Schumacherish speeds in a span of just about 1.5 hours! Most classes are held in rather tranquil environments until a monster called DCP (aka Desperate Class Participation) raises its head! You could equate CP mandated classes with the Parliament during a particularly contentious debate with our most esteemed speakers on stand.

Nevertheless, the occasional uproar ends within the confines of the classroom, beyond which begins the time to party! IIMB introduces us to our unknown side(s) through the dance classes, inter-section events, get-togethers, club competitions, online events, gaming contests and sports events which vie for our attention on a daily basis! These take us deep into the night, leaving us with few waking hours in which we can catch up with the necessary evils of academic life (read class readings and submissions….(yawn!)..), and then before we know it it’s time for another 100m sprint!

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