A Step Towards A Literate India!

The auditorium was decorated in tricolors and proud parents of the working staff of IIMB sat with their little ones on the eve of Independence Day. Vikasana celebrated the 71st Independence Day by providing scholarships to the less privileged kids for academic excellence. The event started with the lighting of lamp by the director, Professor G. Raghuram and Professor Sourav Mukherji. The director then addressed the audience in Kannada and said that it was a wonderful opportunity for them to be present there and receiving the scholarships. He advised them to make the best use of the money for the education of their children and he promised to learn better Kannada by the coming Republic Day. Dhwani, performed a melodious number and the little kids were overjoyed and hummed along the tunes of the song. Vikasana, also launched Daan Utsav, 2017, which is a week-long event of giving back to the community. It will be held from October 2nd -8th and will comprise of numerous events like Make a Wish, Twarang (the run) and One Day at IIM B.

Post this the scholarship distribution started and the parents along with their kids came to the stage to receive the certificate and scholarship. A total of around 165 scholarships were distributed to children for excellence in academics. The parents beamed with pride and applauded for others as well, as they came forward to receive the scholarships. The students of teach to transform also performed a splendid dance on the stage. Little boys and girls danced gracefully to the beats of patriotic songs as the audience encouragingly cheered for them. The atmosphere was full of hopes, joy and laughter, and the members of Vikasana toiled hard to make it possible. Aswathy A, the secretary of Vikasana said “This event is a mark of gratitude to those who serve us here at IIMB. Vikasana started with Teach to Transform and now it has become huge and does so much more. This event is a way in which we support the working staff here and we feel that it is the best way to celebrate the Independence Day.” Truly, the club does some remarkable work and is indeed making a difference in people’s lives.


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