One Day @ IIMB – Taste life at IIMB, For a Cause!

To so many of us, Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) represent a source of admiration and curiosity abounds about daily life inside. The avenues for experiencing the same are limited though unless you bell the CAT, the arduous qualifying examination for IIMs. However, the week starting October 2 provides exactly such an opportunity which is open to all. Till September 15, anyone can bid and have a chance of spending one day at IIM Bangalore, complete with all the exciting experiences that make up a typical day in a student’s life inside. What’s even better is that all proceeds from this event are donated to charities making the process more meaningful. Last year top 70 bidders got to be a part of the event.

‘One Day @ IIMB’ is the flagship event of the larger Joy of Giving Week celebrations at IIM Bangalore. To be organised on October 5 by Vikasana, the social service initiative of the institute, it is in a series of events throughout the week from which aim to spread joy while raising funds for social initiatives at charities. One Day @ IIMB saw enthusiastic participation last year and promises to be even better this time around. It is an effort to provide a sneak peek into daily life of students which starts early in morning with a breakfast and sees an incredible range of activities and emotions – from intensive academic sessions to fun cultural and sports events to simply a walk in one of the most beautiful campuses in India.

Selected through an online bidding process with no restrictions on age, educational background or stature, the candidates can expect all the fun and rigour that punctuates life at IIMB. From classroom sessions and case studies with some of the best professors in the country to playing ‘Treasure Hunt’ in a campus overrun with greenery and unique architecture, the day is carefully designed by students of IIM Bangalore themselves  encapsulating the very best of what IIMB has to offer. Informal sessions like dinner with professors, fun events and interactive guest lectures from IIMB alumni round out a memorable day.

What separates it from similar other initiatives is its underlying but primary focus on promotion of social causes driven through public participation. Last year, Vikasana donated the entire amount raised through the event to its partner NGOs – Oasis India and U&I. Other events of Joy of Giving week include Twaran – run for a cause, Raag – a musical concert to raise charity funds and lunch for staff workers at the institute.

For some it can be the chance to fulfil their dream to experience IIM campus and its life. For others, it can satisfy the curiosity of finding ‘what goes inside’ at an IIM. Above all, it represents an opportunity to contribute to social causes while doing the above. To know more, visit:

Media Cell IIMB is the student run outreach and communication committee of IIM Bangalore dedicated to form the bridge within the student community and the outside world.