The Beautiful World at IIMB!

Contributed By: Prateek Goyal

Edited By: Pravar Vir Gupta

IIM Bangalore campus is a perfect blend of the brilliance of global management principles and excellence of Indian values. Ranked #1 in NIRF rankings, it is indeed a testimony to the fact that the college stature stands tall in academic excellence and research domain. But is this all about the institute that makes us feel proud of it?

Amidst the hallowed stone walls of this beautiful and lush green campus, breeds an incredible culture. Respect for diversity simply cannot be ignored by anyone who visits our campus, and this applies not only to physical infrastructure but also in terms of social inclusiveness. The campus is exceptionally accessible to differently-abled persons and follows a Zero Tolerance approach towards harassment irrespective of gender, covering even subtle aspects like body shaming, etc. IIMB, having one of the most prominent Student Exchange Program in the country, gives the campus mates a chance to welcome the world into their home. Here too the incoming students get to experience in true sense the meaning of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava.’

We believe in growing together. Helping each other selflessly ensures great solidarity amongst us. The conception of mentoring by a PGP2 Mitr is a bliss for the first-year students. It not only focuses on smooth onboarding but also results in building strong and long-lasting bonds. Various tutorials sessions conducted by the second-year students help their juniors remain up to speed with studies. The club culture at IIMB is very inclusive offers a plethora of choices to incorporate everyone’s interest.

Being privileged, generally, the educated youth of contemporary times is well acquainted with her rights. The culture here at IIMB inculcates a feeling of respect towards our society. The campus also strives to achieve Zero Food Wastage in hostel mess. All these activities and more, imbibe in us the values of giving back to the community. It targets to uproot the evils of self-centered approach, narrow-mindedness, and apathy that is eroding the social fabric today.

These values essentially make us better human beings. Our campus has a culture that boosts collaboration and not competition. Its goal is to nurture and create responsible global citizens who are scarce today and are needed more than ever.

Words cannot describe IIMB. One must truly experience it to get the flavor. And then the answer will be very clear as to why indeed, it is The Place to B.

Prateek is a student of PGP 2019-2021 batch of IIM Bangalore.


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