The curious case of B Natural


The following article is a snapshot of our work for the case competition floated by ITC in IIM Bangalore. The case was on one of ITC’s latest addition to its brand portfolio in the beverages category[1]. The objective of the case was to identify the differentiating value proposition for the brand – B Natural whose current positioning is mere taste[2] . Also we had to decide on the brand extension along with recommending innovative campaigns to increase category trial among the consumers. Here the description is majorly focused on positioning a brand in a category where consumers exhibit loyalty to a repertoire of brands[3].

How to position a brand? – Analysis

Fig 1

                                              Fig. 1 Case analysis methodology                                            

We analyzed the case using the methodology presented in the Fig.1. The market trends were identified using secondary research data. This helped us identify the brand objective. The competitive framework in the nectar segment was analyzed both qualitatively and quantitatively to determine the positioning of the direct competitors. This step involved category analysis through depth interviews with 5 Big bazaar shoppers and 2 Dieticians. Based on this, 18 major attributes of the category emerged (Purchase decision motivators). Principal component analysis was performed on the 18 attributes and were reduced to 3 major factors –  Factor 1. Experiential & Hedonic utility – the factor dimension that accounts for taste, flavor, mood enhancement, stress relief. No player was identified in this dimension though it explained 30% of variance (Clear gap in the market identified) Factor 2. Health utility – Dimension that accounts for health benefits. Real scored the highest. Factor 3. Convenient Dietary supplement –  this factor explained the category’s ability to work as Vitamin/ Nutrition supplement in the fast lifestyle. Tropicana scored the highest in this dimension.


The category analysis presented the factors based on which the consumers were divided into three clusters and we decided to concentrate on two set of consumers. One key takeaway is that the brand cannot serve all segments in the market. Once the relevant segment to be targeted is identified, we decided on the positioning of the brand based on the product root strength and the target market fit. Generally, positioning or repositioning of any brand can be done using the above structure. The following is the positioning proposed for the brand based on the analysis –

“For those people whose lives are monotonous caught in the cobwebs of stressful jobs and family commitments, and is looking for nutritious ways to enhance their mood. B – Natural is the right instant refreshment to with its natural mood boosters – Vitamin C and electrolytes like Potassium.” In Short, B Natural is Happiness at disposal.Fig 2

Please visit Mad Over MBA to know more on marketing case solving approaches. Part 2 of the article can be found in Acing case competitions.

Author : Krithika U

(The author is a PGP2 from IIM Bangalore. Views expressed are personal.)






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