The evolution of a perspective

Blesson Gregory (PGP 2012-14) on how his perspective of IIMB really changed..

IIMB Campus - Early Morning

The first time you lay your eyes upon the entrance of IIM Bangalore, it reminds you of the opulent gates of a palace; symbolizing the abode of a privileged few and thereby their segregation from the vast majority. The first time you enter the campus, you walk in with an air of conquest – the kind of narcissistic indulgence Napoleon may have harboured after his every victory.

You are gliding on the wings of your realization that 99.5% of the people who tried to gain their rightful place in this palace did not succeed, while you did. You are riding on the knowledge that you are one of the select few who will be pampered by the exceptional facilities here over the next two years.

Your first tour around the campus further pushes you into your delusional world. You are enthralled by the hundred acres of greenery and the buildings which have refused new age constructional advancements of brick and mortar and stayed true to the old age stone. The air conditioned classrooms with your nameplate in front of your seat, seem just right to accommodate your hallowed presence.

When you look at yourself in the mirror, you can almost see a small little crown dropping down lightly on your head.

But like all good things which come to an end, this dream has to unravel too. A couple of weeks into your course, you find that you are no longer one of the smartest people in your class like you always used to be, your sleep hours have been cut down significantly and getting out of this place is going to be many times more difficult than getting in. Every assignment deadline and quiz announcement confirms that pampering will be the last thing that you will receive here.

For all your Napoleon-esque confidence, you realize that this is perhaps your date with Waterloo. Your wings have been clipped and your fantasy ride has just run out of gas. The entrance of IIMB now reminds you of the invisible gates of Azkaban.

But somewhere down the line, when you look at yourself in the mirror again, you realize that you have been altered beyond recognition. Your level of confidence and ability to take pressure have immensely improved. You have been able to do things that you previously considered yourself incapable of.

Like every diamond which has been put through high-pressure high-temperature treatment to achieve its lustre, so have you been put through the IIMB grind.

The evolution of your perspective of IIMB is complete when you look at the entrance again and finally see the gates which guard the gladiatorial barracks in Pompei where its inhabitants were trained till they were ready to step out to fight their battle in the Colosseum.

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