The Fall Diaries – The Fault in our Hair!

Contributed By: Akanksha Dewaker with inputs from Malti Gupta and Fellow Students

You come back to your room after a long day, assignments due and projects to make. The club mail for this week needs to be drafted asap. You turn the key in and stand in shock! The floor is filled with hair strands that were a part of you until this morning. Shocked, you fall on the bed and spend the next hour searching for solutions to your hair problems- home remedies, dermatologist contacts, medicines and superstitions if any! After achieving PhD in the subject, you realize that your head is going to be as shiny and bright as your future. Anxiously, you call Mom. You get the ‘support’ you need, “Beta, I understand. And you please call at whatever time you want. Don’t ever think twice before calling me, I am at your beck and call. I don’t have a life, you know”. You start to wonder which balding hero your friends would compare you to. Don’t fret too much! As they say, you can always overthink, but that won’t make your hair grow.

This has been the story of a lot of PGP1s right now. The PGP2s – well most have accepted it, and a few are still fighting this inevitability of life. We took a survey from campus using Stratified Sampling (Really? You have high hopes. Of course, it was cluster sampling) and talked to them. You want to grow your hair back, it’s pretty straight forward! Take fresh juice from 5 onions, add fresh amla juice, with fresh curd and use a brush to put it on your fresh head. Use this fresh mixture, for two fresh days per week for 2 fresh months. Ugghhh. Else, Sleep and eat right, cut down on caffeine or change your goals, maybe?

Miss Beautiful tresses (Name Changed) had a hard time when she joined the PGP course last year. She went through the process of various bottles of products and dermatologist visits. Her wisdom- Don’t do it. Instead, we got the tip of using bottled water for washing hair. Think of your shiny future ahead and you will get the motivation to do it. On the other hand, we met Mr. Jugaadu (name changed) who showed the functional aspects of hair loss. He can find hair in between pages of his books. Taking a leaf from Six Sigma production efficiency techniques, he has started using these as bookmarks. He has been named the next chatur as the process has led to increase in his grades. In the next room however, the bearded Mr. Perfect Puns (name changed) is having dreams of losing his beard. He is dealing with the issue by making jokes and ignoring the subject.

We also came across few gems in our B planet who have not experienced hairfall. These rare species subtly boasted their achievements as well. Who wouldn’t? These achievements have been verified by the campus medical Centre and have become a part of their resumes. One more point to the Rupunzels and Flynn Riders of the batch. We found a Rupunzel from Delhi, a Flynn Rider from Jam Nagar and then we stopped searching for them. These revelations were enough to hurt the Surveyor’s ego.

One would assume that the fast paced IIMB life maybe the reason for our hair fall. Actually no. While our sedentary lifestyle might also be one of the reasons, but the culprit is the water we bathe with. Just type Bangalore hair fall in good old google and you will find how commonplace the problem is.The high Zinc content in ground water is one of the chief causes. All this is coming from stress, the natural cause of hairfall, but not the stress that we are facing but the one that we are putting on the Bangalore water bodies. They have become far from being sustainbale and now the city is doomed to be the next Cape Town – one that will probably run out of water in the next 4-5 years. Although that is the worst case scenario., we are not far from it. Bangalore still need sto manage it’s water well and have proper treatment of groundwater and sewage to ensure that we are building a sustainable and eco-friendly environment for the genrations to come.

With 11 Million people living across the city, we are already feeling the burden with traffic jams everywhere and an elevated level of pollution. It shouldn’t take us a full blown water crisis to realize the pain we are putting the planet through. So where do we start? Right here, with the future leaders of tomorrow, paving the way for change. IIMB is already a green campus with its own waste treatment facility but as students we can do our bit right from ensuring the taps are properly turned off to less wastage even in the showers we take. Afterall MBA is about optimizations and win-win situations isn’t it? Let’s take a hard long look at what we can do to ensure that we get the best out of the Earth and put the same back in.

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