The Great War!

Chandrashekar Muramalla,
Junior Coordinator,
Student Media Cell,
PGP 2017-19

The War of Sections is a legendary rite of passage in IIMB. Every year, the PGP1s battle it out in the L2 arena, to prove they are the best among the best. Pitting section against section, brother against brother, and everyone against time, the War brings out the animal in each and every student in the batch. And through this, it hopes to bring the people closer together through teamwork, and bonding over late night NC sessions. And it works. The batch learns sacrifice, prioritization, and the ability to take charge when the need arises. The batch becomes closer and stronger than ever.

The 2017 edition of the War of Sections started off with a bang, with the ‘Dress your CR’ event. This year’s theme was, ‘villain’. After aggressive rounds of bidding, the students made the most of the limited resources and put up an amazing display. The Joker, Crime Master Gogo, and Yamraj with his amazing bhains, enthralled the audience.  The PAWS event, that came next, featured funny and interesting conversations between pets and their humans. One dog actually convinced her human to date a rich guy, just so it could date the rich guy’s dog!

Next day, events rolled off right at dawn. Or at least the IIMB definition of dawn on a Saturday. Most of the events went by smoothly with no glitches. In one particular WIM event, a section was caught illegally passing clues to its team in the middle of the event. Naughty, Naughty!

The event by PPC was particularly interesting. Trump, Kim Jong Un and Narendra Modi, among others, turned up to debate world events. Each, in their characteristic style, lambasted each other, and sometimes a comical self-jibe was thrown in just to make matters interesting. Kim Jong Un, taking Trump on, said, “I am the most powerful leader in the world. My missiles are huge, in accordance with the Asian stereotype.” The crowd was roaring in laughter.

Section D had a clear lead over the others throughout the day. The other sections were desperate for a win, and in this mad rush, were making mistakes. Some sections were heard shouting out clue locations in the Anveshan Treasure hunt. Hush guys! Don’t you know you need to keep your answers secret? But people were getting tired, and they were trying hard to not let their enthusiasm waver.

And then came the section Flags. Just what the doctor ordered. The amazing designs breathed renewed life into the sections. Slogan shouting began in full swing. Morale was completely restored. The fight began anew.

The events that followed were filled with a lot of fun and enthusiasm, showcasing the amazing talents of this batch of PGP1s. The witty replies, and the to-and-fro mudslinging by the participants in the Tejas event was a sight to behold. This was followed by the Mash event, with the participants coming up with products like a mosquito repellent burger, edible and alcoholic underwear, and lines like, “Kya aapke Cerelac mei Harpic hai?” to pitch their products. The sections enraptured audiences with stellar performances in the Taal and Dramatics events.  Finally, it was time for the last and the most awaited event. The Baarati Dance. Trial runs, last minute changes in the script, the frantic calling up of people to swell numbers, beautiful brides, handsome grooms, and colourful baaratis with fake guns, swords and daaru bottles, this event had it all.

Results time. Everyone was waiting, with bated breath. By the end of the day, Section C was just one point behind Section D. And after giving their best in the Baarati Dance, they had high hopes of winning the War for the third time in a row. But alas, that was not to be. They had earlier missed a deadline of an event by the ENI and this cost them heavily. Hard luck, people. And so, Section D officially won the the War of Sections, 2017, through their hard work, determination, and a generous helping of luck.

The 2017 edition of the War of Sections will forever be etched in the memories of the entire batch of PGP1s. In these 3 days, grit was displayed, tempers were flared, emotions ran high, love happened, and life long bonds were formed.

Every section won.

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