The roles we play – Ashish Vidyarthi

We are all actors and we play different roles, be that of a son, a student, an employee, or the CEO of a firm. And the role we play determines what we perceive. What we perceive sets out our target and our target determines our journey, our path. And we absolutely must own this path. This was the message that Mr. Ashish Vidyarthi, the National award-winning actor, thinker and speaker, had for the enthusiastic audience in the jam-packed auditorium of the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. The talk was organized as part of Vista, the annual business summit of IIMB. Mr. Vidyarthi emphasised that life is on 360 degrees and one just cannot do everything. “Delegation is the name of the Game”, he told the future managers. He urged them to work on creating their own legacy and not merely rest on the laurels of the legacy of the institutes they are from. The legacy we create depends on the value we deliver.

“What does the future look like?”, an intriguing question posed to the audience by Mr. Vidyarthi drew a lot of responses. The answer? “The future will look a lot like today”. Not a very happy thought when you first hear it. But when you look at it again, we have the power of choice, the power to alter our today. We live today in an everchanging world, and to keep up with its pace, we need to keep ourselves adaptive. Mr. Vidyarthi called this “the Chameleon Factor”. And to be a chameleon, to be adaptive in this world of change, we must be the hungry hunter-learner, a “Vidyarthi”. We must make ourselves be heard and stand out.  While, the future would look a lot like today, Mr. Vidyarthi insists that no two days are alike. Tomorrow is always another day. And to stay relevant tomorrow one must invest in innovative thinking, be the game changer. To be the game changer, we must touch the world with our service. While all this is important, one must never forget to honour the brave, because by honouring the brave, we create a brave future. We must invest in “Shukriya” and ”Shaabash”. A “thank you” and a “well done” goes a long way in encouraging people. It’s important to encourage people because at the end of the day, “My team mates make my cheque”.

Mr. Vidyarthi concluded the talk with the advice that we have only one life and one chance to do something amazing and therefore, it is imperative that we make the most of it. “Go out there and own this 360-degree life” were his parting words to the enthralled audience.

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