The Summers of 2018 – Part 2

The Summers of 2018 is a miniseries about the various categories of roles offered by companies for summer internships. The author talked to interns from Consulting, Finance, Marketing, General Management, Product Management, Operations and International Intern roles to understand a bit more about their work life. The articles are meant to give the reader a glimpse into the life of an intern, and maybe help the reader understand their own fit in that particular role. This article, the second in the series of seven, describes the life of a marketing intern.

Contributed By: Malti Gupta
Edited By: J K Varshika


I was a Sales and Marketing Intern as a part of Unilever Leadership Internship Programme 2018 (ULIP 2018). As expected, it was a really fun learning experience. When you are going to HUL, you know you will get a lot of goodies and that we did!

The employer brand team made the start of the journey quite memorable with events like rowing a boat in swimming pool, treasure hunts, talk by Unilever Leaders, etc. as a part of the induction programme. Accomodation was in the Wadala guest house and it was great to bond with fellow interns while complaining about work and managers over dinners. We were truly pampered and treated like HUL VIP Guests!

I worked on Digital Strategy for Unilever Food Solutions which caters to the professional kitchens of hotels, restaurants, caterers and bakeries. With its exclusive range of products targeted towards chefs, the business is quite niche and unique compared to its retail counterpart. It’s basically a B2B arm of foods category selling brands like Knorr, Kissan, Best Foods and Rex with its own sales team.UFS is like a startup in HUL with three characteristics – high growth, small team and ambitious. It was great to work in such business dynamics and thinking about the business strategy as a whole. We were also allotted tutors to guide us on our projects.

It was challenging to work in a B2B project as it was difficult to get guidance within HUL, considering the strategies undertaken were quite different. But I was able to draw inspiration from the B2B section of consumer business such as distributor – retailer interactions from experts. The most motivating part were the market visits – talking to chefs and restaurants owners, working with distributor, sales officers and finding opportunities for marketing.

Malti Gupta is one of the students of IIM Bangalore, PGP 2017-2019 batch

My attention to detail and an open mind helped me deliver a great project, but my inability to create urgency in work sometimes came in the way. The hard part was to make 10 versions of single presentation for mid-term and final review. But it taught me the importance of effective communication as I had to put across all the work done in two months within 15 minutes.

HUL office in Mumbai is like a whole world of its own with hotel, café, day care centre and people working in midst of all of it, which meant they were always bustling around, not glued to their desks! The culture is admirable with flexible timings and no formal dressing. It adds a personal touch to work as people present themselves as who they truly are.

There are a lot of takeaways from the internship. The Employer brand team ended the internship with Summer conclave inviting Palash Sen, which was definitely a pleasant surprise. I am going to miss the amazing friends I made – the one I am going to cherish forever. I am going to miss the Mango Swirl and ice cream biscuit of Happiness Station, cutting chai of Adda, mentor interactions at Bru Café, events on the Street, tasting sessions in Knorr Kitchen, long discussions with tutor and much more.

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