The week that was Club Selections@B

Peeyush Agrawal, PGP 2015-17

“The Weekend is coming”, that was the buzz among the PGP1s in the first few days of July. It wasn’t the finale of game of thrones that will come over this weekend, nor was it the San Diego Comic-con weekend. It was the club selections weekend that, later took over most of the following week too.

It all started with the clubs coming one by one trying to woo the PGP1s through their attractive presentations about what they do, what PGP1s will get if they join (and the most common thing promised was the freedom to run their own initiatives) and what all fun activities they do. Be it the dramatics entry inviting everyone to come see the “tamasha” or the classy entry by FII, people were at their toes (and fully awake, if I may say so!) through-out the 8+ hours of presentations. PGP1s cheered as the Taal and Dhwani members showed their dancing and singing talents and they were as enthusiastic in answering the quizzes put forward by MARS, ENI and IQ to get the free goodies.

The next few days truly brought out the diversity and hidden talents of the batch. PGP1s showed their diversified interests with Vikasana receiving 130+ applications and with WIM receiving a lot of interest from the guys as well. There were the focused people who have made up their mind and applied for one or two clubs and then, there were game theory experts, who calculated probabilities of selection in each club and applied for 10+clubs to get a 95% confidence of getting into at-least one club (in my defence, I was studying QM, just before I started writing the article). Trackers and live interview schedules were floating around and the mailboxes were filled from the club selection committee mails.

Lots of clubs received 80+applications challenging the second years to find innovative ways to find the truly chosen ones from the best of best people. On the one hand, there were creative posters and crazy events created for Unmaad and on the other were the ideas to keep the campus green and sustainable for ENS. And then there were some getting contacts for the who’s who of corporate world. These interviews and tasks created a lot of energy in the campus making people run from a 10:00 clock interview at P-block to 10:15 interview in the J-block. While most people said they had a chilled out interview, there were also news of some almost breakdowns in the stress interviews (Vice president Mr. JJ apparently did a role-play round in the interviews as well)

After several rounds of interviews and sleepless nights, when the club selection results were out, it was sheer joy for those who got selected and a “more to come” for the rest. Lots of clubs sent out personalized mail sharing how impressed they were from the skills but that they have their limitations on the number of people to select. At the end, it was an overwhelming experience for all and probably a sneak peek into the days to come at IIM-B.

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