Tvarun 2013 : Run Smile Repeat

HeaderLife at IIM Bangalore is hectic not just for the students, but for the faculty, staff, guards, mess workers and every other stakeholder of this prestigious institute. Not considering the odd lecture here and there, Sundays are generally a time to unwind. On most Sundays, students usually go to sleep after sunrise and a sumptuous breakfast, both of which will happen again only the next Sunday.

But the Sunday of February the 17th, 2013 was unlike any other. The IIMB community was up early much before the sun was up, waiting eagerly before the start line. The air around was filled with nervous energy and excitement. The runners would be running the first ever 10 km ‘run’ across IIMB which is arguably one of the most scenic campuses in the country.

Image_1As the Director waved the checkered flag, runners from across the IIMB community sprinted out. Thus began TvaRun 2013, IIMB’s first-ever community run which aimed to bring together everyone at IIMB to support ‘running’.

Image_2There were two categories for the run, the 10 Km was flagged off at 7:00 a.m. & the 5 Km started at 8:30 a.m. It was indeed a memorable experience when children as young as 8 years, ran their heart out.  Not only were the runners provided with adequate refreshments, they were also provided with a lot of enthusiasm by our ‘Jemba’ team. With the help of ‘spotters’ and bands, the organizers demonstrated the commitment to conducting a run of the highest quality. The roads were neatly done with marking despite the sudden rain the night before. It was indeed heartening to see guards, professors, children, alumni, students, mess workers, staff and everyone who was a part of the IIMB fraternity taking part in the run. With such a support from everyone in the community, TvaRun 2014 will be bigger and better.[one_half last=”no”]Image_3[/one_half][one_half last=”yes”]Image_4[/one_half]

Story behind Tvarun

It all started with the evening runs in the campus initiated by Mr.Ravi Yadav, Secretary, Sports Council (2012-13) along with some enthusiastic runners in June 2013. What began as a small jog started attracting more runners from the IIMB Community. The facebook page was created in 6th July 2012.  Slowly, the activity on the facebook page started increasing. The support for this group came from all quarters including students, professors and staff. From the beginning till TvaRun, the running club was characterized by a complete team effort. The idea was to introduce running to more students who could take up a healthier lifestyle.  The ‘Foundation Day 2012 ’ run saw a total of 44 runners participate, which was far greater than the 18 it saw in 2011. With significant support from the ‘exchange’ students the number of runners slowly started increasing. Then came the ‘Running Camp’ which motivated students to take up running more seriously.  As Victor Hugo said, “Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come”. After the strong foundation that was laid, TvaRun 2013 just had to happen.


Running Camp

A 10 day running camp was organized in the IIMB campus by the Sports Council and the runners, led by Prof. Sourav Mukherjee. This camp focused on grooming the runners from the IIMB community by training them with severe drills. More than 50 runners gained confidence from this camp and almost all of them felt that this was the motivator for their run in TvaRun. With the success of this camp we are sure to conduct more camps in near future to identify and coach the best runners from the IIMB family.

Vision of Tvarun

Inclusion of all people, across the globe, connected with IIM Bangalore in the past or present for running for a healthy life.

TvaRun’s success

TvaRun 2013 owes its success to a lot of students who have sustained the motivation to run amidst the academic pressures at IIMB. We strongly believe that everyone in the organizing contributed equally in making this effort successful under the leadership of Mr.Ravi Yadav, Sport Secretary, 2012-13. It wouldn’t have been such a successful event without the support of Prof. Sourav Mukherjee and Prof. Manaswini Balla who closely worked with the team and extended their full support in making this event a huge hit. Heartiest thanks to our beloved director Prof. Pankaj Chandra and our dean Prof. S.Ragunath for encouraging us to conduct this event. All the organizers of TvaRun deserve a special mention who worked hard in making this event a grand success. The entire running community from IIM Bangalore thanks Runners for Life (RFL), for extending their support to the inaugural edition of ‘TvaRun 2013’. It was indeed a pleasure to have Mr.Arvind (A2) and Mr.Dhirender with us to distribute prizes to the winners. The New Sports Council 2013-14 (Akhilesh Chander & team) is all set out to make TvaRun 2014 a much bigger event across the globe.

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