Twaran ’17 – Kicking off Daan Utsav ’17!

Malvigha V
Senior Coordinator
PGP 2016-18
Student Media Cell

3 am. October 2nd, 2017. With the skies pouring in, the WhatsApp group consisting of the organizing committee of Twaran (representatives from Vikasana, Alumni Committee, Sports Council) was buzzing with apprehensions if the skies will clear to make way for Twaran, which was scheduled to start at 6.30 am. As good things will always find a way to happen, the skies cleared at 4 am, giving a huge relief to the coordinators who managed a mere 2-hour sleep to start prepping for the event. As optimistic as this sounds, this is something that changed into a tradition every year. It pours until the launch of Twaran, and the skies clear up just in time, making way for the run to begin, kicking off Daan Utsav (Joy of Giving Week) here at IIM Bangalore.

Twaran was conceptualized with the idea to kick-off Daan Utsav (Joy of Giving Week) on a positive, active and enthusiastic note. The contributions from the alumni, faculty, and students help fulfill the need of a deserving NGO every year, which is selected by Vikasana, the social impact club of IIM Bangalore.

The funds raised through Twaran ‘17, with its tagline – #RunForACause, is to be donated to Angels Orphanage, at Shivaji Nagar, which is home to around fifty abandoned children, which includes twenty girls. The money raised is to be utilized by the home for basic infrastructure needs. What better than have the kids of this home as the guest of honour for this event, with fifteen of them participating in the 5 km run and successfully finishing it? Pretty impressive indeed!

But what is it that ties the IIMB family for this noble cause? For a few alumni, it is a chance to relive the memories they took away from this campus. For a few others, it was an opportunity to bring their friends and family so that they can experience why this place is special to them. For a few faculty, it was their way of showing solidarity to the cause. For a few others, this was a double bonanza, running for the cause as a faculty and as an alumnus of this prestigious institution. For a few students like us, it was our chance to push the limits and test our declining fitness levels and get a chance to experience the contagious happiness that the smiles of the children bring. However, we must admit, the most enthusiastic participants were the alumni who were a part of AlumCom, Vikasana or Sports Council during their stay here, as they relate to every drop of sweat that goes behind the preparation for this dear cause!

With our very own international students coming on exchange winning the 10 km run in the men’s category every year, as a twist of tradition, it was a proud moment when our PGP1 – Sudarshan Iyer came first pushing our very own Dean, Prof. Sourav Mukherji to finish second. Mukesh Hegde bagged the third place. In the women’s 10 km category, Janis Joplinn finished first while Soni Sultania finished second. Anisha Grover and Sapna tied for the third place. In the 5 km category, Krishna came first, while Liba and Pawan Kartik finished second and third respectively. In the 5 km men’s category, Sachin Meena, Pranjal Chandrakar and Parag Dhol bagged the first, second and third position respectively. Exchange students ruled the women’s 5 km run category bagging the gold and silver, as Anais Corréa came first, Clarisse Cadet came second and Amrita Yadav came third.

On the D-day, as Vikasana members coordinated the event and its proceedings with the Angels Orphanage, Sports Council led with the layout design for the run, providing medical aid and getting the certificates and fancy medals ready for the winners. AlumCom handled all the registrations for the event with a lot of surprise registrations, including our Director, Prof. G. Raghuram, registering on-the-spot and completing the 5km run in style!

“Despite being tired at the end of the run, our participants interacted with the kids with enthusiasm and love, and requested us to send them the invite for next year once it was finalized! Seeing the participants beaming with joy while they collect the “Smile” stickers, we sure did feel, the purpose of Daan Utsav was being fulfilled, at every moment of the event!”, Bhuvana Jagan, Senior Coordinator, Vikasana said.

As the run saw huge participation, there was another competition of sorts going on amongst the enthusiastic ones who gave it their all, yet were left gasping for breath halfway. As all of them competed to play the drums, it was a delight to watch them fight to cheer other participants. An absolute contentment for most of us for whom this run was just a stark reminder about our fitness levels!

Amritha Prakash, Senior Coordinator, Alumni Committee, voiced out – “Interacting with our alumni, it was heartening to see that they were willing to donate despite not being able to make it to the event. What was interesting this year, is that our alumni were uber enthusiastic and were already enquiring about Twaran, even before the invite emails were sent out!We are grateful to our alumni for their overwhelming response. My favorite part of Twaran was that, it was lovely to watch a few alumni run along with their kids in the 5 km marathon after finishing their 10km!”

We at IIMB are incredibly grateful for the donations that poured in from multiple quarters – faculty, alumni, students, friends, friends of friends and so on. Irrespective of whether they could participate in the run or not, our IIMBians (of the past, present or future) continue to make us proud by extending their support!


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