Unmaad’17 – Day 2

The second day of Unmaad’17 kept the IIM Bangalore campus bubbling to the brim with excitement and fun despite the rather dull and cloudy weather. The rich décor that adorned the campus and the adrenaline charged participants added a fresh lease of color to the grey brick walled campus. The second day had its share of music, drama and dance to keep the students who had gathered in droves to the IIM Bangalore campus from all over India.

The day kicked off with “Step-Up” – a solo dance event. The participating dancers grooved to the beats of energetic music, twisted, turned and executed mind-blowing dance moves to entertain a frenzied audience that refused to lower the decibel levels throughout the event. The last round was hotly contested by 5 finalists who had to incorporate a prop given to them in their defining dance performances. In the end, the first place was won by Shiva and Sundar who gave him tough competition till the last round came second. Elsewhere, quizzers were busy with the sports and entertainment quiz. The team from IIT Madras walked home with the winning honours.

Post noon, Shilpi Marwah, from the Asmita theatre group, performed in a solo play titled “A Woman Alone”. There was more excitement for the adrenaline junkies in the afternoon. A biker group threw caution to the winds and performed daring and insane stunts to mesmerize the audience who had gathered near the parking lot.

L-Square witnessed the finals of the personality hunt event – Mister and Miss Unmaad. There were 8 finalists in total who successfully entered the deciding round. Each participant ramp walked before answering a question posed by the judges. At the end of the finals, Ananth from IIM Bangalore was titled Mister Unmaad and Nayonika from SRM was titled Miss Unmaad.

One of the much awaited events of Unmaad – the group dance performance, left everyone who had gathered at L-Square nothing short of spell bound. The electrifying performances of each dance group enthralled the large crowd that had gathered around the stage. The synchronized movements of the dancers and the agility and athleticism innate in those well-choreographed steps never failed to draw rapturous applause and screams of joy from the charged-up audience. In the end the dance team from Loyalla College emerged victorious. VIT’s dance team secured second place in the event.

As the sun set and moon rose, the finalists of Haute Couture walked down the ramp in glittering Spanish attires. Participants mesmerized the audience with stunning outfits that exuded creativity and style. The carefully planned and well-choreographed stage sequences rooted the audience gathered at the open air theatre to their spots until the winners were declared. The team from MSRIT walked home with the first place and the machos from Crescent were placed second.

Day-2 ended on a high with a scintillating performance from the music club of IIM Bangalore – Dhwani. The songs sung soothed the tired minds huddled in a pleasantly decorated L-Square. The last hurrah was reserved for the campus’s own violinist whose beautiful melodies brought the curtains down on an eventful second day of Unmaad 2017.


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