Vista 2013- MarkGuru, Are you the marketing guru?

“This is how our market can be segmented…these are our target customers”. Familiar words from a still fresh Marketing course roared back to life as in the MarkGuru finals arena. Present before were hardcore marketing enthusiasts, 6 of them (2 each from IIM – A, B, one each from IIMK and PESIT BANGALORE), each as determined as the other to follow Kotler’s steps (one team was even called Kotler’s Army!!).

This Vista Flagship Marketing Event required teams to design a go-to market plan for Atomberg Technologies – a company that operates in the field of remote monitoring and control. The teams had to develop target segments, positioning themes and also had to deliberate on the various applications they felt Atomberg Technologies should focus on, including a separate market study on Smart Water Meters. Each team chosen for the finals had the chance to interact with the company directly and improve the content they had presented for the prelims. The entries were then presented before a panel of judges from Atomberg Technologies.

Laced with marketing jargons and faced with tough questions, each team literally fought a battle to strike the right chord with their rationale. Finally one team from IIM-A and one from IIM-B came out scathed but barely alive to be adjudged the winners.

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