Vista 2013- Miebach Milestones, Can you optimize it?

As students of business we are awed by buzzwords like intellectual capital, brand equity, proforma profit and loss statements and returns on invested capital. While these strategies are glamorous to talk and make presentations about, they are hardly tangible. As the saying goes, “It ain’t real unless the money is in the bank”. This is what operations is all about – bringing real impact to the bottom-line of companies. Operations’ events have been drawing large numbers to Vista traditionally and this year has been no different. Miebach, the global supply chain leaders, continued their association with Vista by sponsoring and judging the “Miebach Milestones” event this year.

The preliminary round attracted strong participation from B-school students across the country and consisted of a very interesting optimization case in the e-commerce industry. Five teams were chosen for the final, two of them from our very own B. The quality in store was evident as the sponsors started of the event by explaining that the solutions offered by the students in Round 1 were pretty close to the ideal solution that they expected. In the final round, contestants were given the chance to present their improved solution and the variety of thought in display was astounding. The judges who lauded the solutions given by the contestants corroborated this. It was also a great learning opportunity for the students. IIM A walked away with the honors of the winners of the operations challenge while our very own IIM B team came in a close second. The team from SJSOM came in a deserved third. But perhaps the greatest tribute for the event was the team from IIM Shillong who had taken a 60-hour long train to Bangalore.

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