Vista 2013- Trojan Horse, How to conquer the invincible?

How to conquer the invincible? How to surpass the insurmountable? How to overcome the impossible? The answer to all lies in one word – Strategy. There is no better portrayal of the Art and Science of strategy than the centuries old narration of the Trojan defeat at the hands of the Greeks. This art and science was on ample display at IIM Bangalore’s Vista’s flagship event Brigade Trojan Horse.

The participants faced the challenge of dealing with a LIVE case, a never-done before opportunity to work on the Marketing strategy for one of the Top 10 developers in the country – Brigade Group. They came up with innovative strategies on how to improve its digital media marketing for its hospitality division. In the course of the event, they also got to interact with the senior Management at Brigade Group who also formed the judge’s panel. The chance to see the relevant strategies implemented and also internship/ live project offers for the winners acted as lucrative incentives for the participants and spurred them on to put their best forth and brainstorm innovative solutions to the problem at hand. But make no mistake- every suggestion was questioned, counter-questioned and had to be justified right down to the last assumption. A fair number turned up to witness the strategizing whiz-kids battle it out. The coordinated execution of the event bore testimony to IIMB and Vista’s commitment. In the end Team “Neo” from Christ University walked away with the grand prize followed by IIMB’s “Magnicient 3”.

Media Cell IIMB is the student run outreach and communication committee of IIM Bangalore dedicated to form the bridge within the student community and the outside world.