Vista 2017 – The Beginning!

The IIMB campus was decked up with beautiful lights, posters and the “make a wish tree” stood in a corner. Some people were looking enthusiastically for wishes that they could fulfill whereas others rushed to the auditorium and classes so as not to miss the start of the grand event. The auditorium was jam packed with people eagerly waiting for the start of one of the biggest business fests in the nation. Vista 2017, is defined by the theme “Imagine. Disrupt. Repeat.” which stands for the creative disruptions that we encounter in the field of business. Organized in collaboration with several important industry bodies such as JSW, Strategy&, American Express, White Owl, Ninjacart, BSE and Akshaya Patra, Vista is all set to be one of the most fascinating fests with its diverse array of events and workshops.

The event started with a welcome note by the director, Prof. G. Raghuram. After that Mr. Madan Padaki gave an intriguing session on what could creative disruptions mean and how they had the potential to transform the lives of people. He bombarded the audience with several questions like “What is the biggest challenge that our country faces?“and “What is the size of the workforce in India?”. All of them led to one answer, we need to create more jobs in this country. He talked about an interesting experiment that almost stunned the audience. He worked with a team that managed to train kids from rural backgrounds without any education to become BPO employees in merely 1000 hours. One of them, Ramesh also went ahead to win the award for CNN heroes. He aligned Vista’s theme of creative disruptions with this concept of transforming the jobs market in our country. He persuaded the audience to be a job creator and not a job seeker. Post this the FII secretary, Priyanka Y. welcomed the crowd and thanked everyone for joining Vista. All in all, Vista started with the right message by motivating everyone in the crowd to build a better country as we continue to disrupt the old and bring in the new.

The first day of Vista had a line of interesting talks and events. Two eminent speakers, Mr. Shiv Khera and Mr. Arun Maira delivered talks which drew large number of people. Mr. Arun Maira talked about leading and transforming the art of listening. He has recently authored a book called “Learning for Well-Being: Conversation with People Not Like Us“. He mentioned how people are alone because of the internet and are becoming less empathetic towards each other. Mr. Khera on the other hand emphasized on three skills necessary for a successful career: people skills, prioritization and persuasion skills.

The events for the day had everything: from solving social problems to discovering successful startup ideas, creating smart cities and tapping the potential of women in the corporate world. In the life challenge, teams started on a 36-hour hackathon to solve the most challenging social and environmental issues based on sustainability goals defined by UN. There were issues like clean energy, transportation, education and menstrual hygiene. The event is organized by TGELF (the global education and leadership foundation) and the teams must come up with a working solution and are also being assisted by mentors. The final round of Bzzwings was held and 6 teams presented their startup ideas. The startups were on multiple concepts like a cane for the blind, an automated waste segregation dustbin and a pen to mark bubbles quickly on the OMR sheet during an exam. The winners were the team “Torch-it” and they designed a cane for the blind with sensors that warns the person by vibrating as he approaches an obstacle. This event had unique ideas and at the end of it NSRCEL gave an option for incubation to all the 6 startups.

The end of day one was marked by the much-awaited Comedy Night performed by Aravind SA. Once again, the auditorium was jam packed and he had everyone laughing with his witty and brilliant jokes. Right from Tinder to the North- South divide, he cracked jokes on everything and the audience walked out thoroughly entertained. The day has come to an end, and bigger events await us tomorrow. There is Model United Nations, Numer Uno, Markguru and talks by Mr. Ashish Vidhyarthi and Ms. Sagarika Ghose to look forward to. The day one could not have been better and we are certain about an even more exciting day tomorrow!

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