War of Sections 2012

Viveka Sra (PGP 2012-14) writes about the WAR between the sections!! 

It was the week after Aarambh, the first year was reveling in the wonderful cultural commencement of the times to come, when the bugle of war split this community into A, B, C, D and E. Each of the sections, under the command of their CRs was ready to conquer the battlefield.

The first event called the ‘Ice Breaker’ conducted by the Sports Council managed to turn up the heat. The section teams which were a mix of PGP1 and PGP2 s, competed in Gulli-Cricket, Throwball, Tug-o-War and Volleyball. Section E emerged as the winner in this round. Networth unleashed the ‘Animal Spirits’ soon after and this financial face off which has had two rounds in the form of FinQ and The Pit has sections B and C tied at the top spot. This war is still unfinished and will see them fight for the financial top spot very soon. The other sections soon got a chance to avenge their defeat in ‘War of the Sections’ conducted by MASH. This one day extravaganza challenged the sections on marketing prices, advertisement strategies through events like Guess What, MAD Ads and Dumb C.

While temperatures across the border were soaring, the troops of the same section were increasing their social capital, bound by the common cause of defeating the ‘enemy’ and restoration of glory. This feeling of bonhomie was spilling over to the class room as well.

The sections were then tested on their business acumen by FII through B-Cubed. This battle saw the sections trading each other’s stocks in Zeus, outbidding each other in Bidwieser, and fighting over Junky’s dilemma, Corporate Mandi  and ‘B’ee-Quiss. The conqueror again was Section C.  IQ even drew in the professors of each section into the competition with their first of its kind Stud- Pro quiz where section B won with the help of Professor R T Krishnan.

The contention from supremacy is far from over. Sports Council is ready with Spardha, EnI will make the sections steal from each other in Dhanda, while Culcom has already kicked off the Umang, the year long section inter section competition, with Antakshri. These inter section ‘wars’ succeed in fostering team spirit and sportsmanship. Whether a contest or just an excuse to fraternize with the enemy, they definitely offer respite from the routine academic schedule.

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