War of the Sections 2013 : So it Begins…

War of Sections_1

With the new batch past its initial homesickness, two of the biggest rival clubs of IIM-Bangalore, the Cultural Committee and the Forum for Industrial Interaction, came together to organize the first-of-its-kind War Of The Sections.  Designed as a hybrid event consisting of both cultural and business competitions, the two-day extravaganza starting on July 20 kicked off the traditional inter-section rivalry in style. Teams from each of the six sections would fight it out over two days, going from singing Antakshari one moment to trading simulated stocks the next, for the title of the Last Section Standing.

As the weekend of July 20-21 approached, you could sense the anticipation building up. Posters sprang up around every corner calling out to the Spartan in each one of us to come and fight for the only war worth fighting – that for inter-section glory. Behind the scenes, the two clubs, apart from the occasional culture vs. business digs at each other, worked tirelessly to put up a grand show.

The event was flagged off on the evening of the 20th and notwithstanding the slight drizzle, a 400-strong first year batch descended onto the L Square (renamed Hell Square in sync with the theme of the event) – the on-campus venue for the competitions. With competitions scheduled one after the other and continuing on Sunday, few realized amidst the competition, excitement and cheering how the weekend flew past. There was something for everyone, whether left-brained or right (or both) – simulated stock exchanges, face painting, a business-cum-cultural quiz, the classical Antakshari with a modern twist, real-life Monopoly, Harlem Shakes, a live auction, Pitch-your-Section and the culminating competition – the Baaraat Dance. What better way for an entire section to come together than to put up a baaraat show: wacky dance moves, costumes and props included.

Section-B walked away with the bragging rights of being the winners of the first War Of The Sections. Defeat, however, could not dampen the spirits of the other sections. Till late into the night, you could hear loud and clear the section chants – composed by each section to cheer their teams on. Everyone, to use a much beaten-down cliché, had been a winner.

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