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Contributed By: Arun Nayan Singh

The PGP batch of 1993 gathered up on the campus of IIM Bangalore to celebrate their 25-year reunion on 27th December 2018. While they are busy with their work and life, they nonetheless managed to come together to celebrate this as a batch. The reunion was planned for the entire extended weekend – starting on 27th with a series of performances planned.

The event started with some exquisite poems by Sapna Agarwal, currently working with Career Development Services at IIM Bangalore. Satya Narayanan, founder of Career Launcher dazzled everyone with his shayari, with very helpful explanations in tow for the benefit of the audience. While this left the audience in awe, they were clamoring for more.

The evening progressed with Nagu Rao and Alok Agarwal presenting an act Silver Jalebi, leaving the audience in splits. This was followed by solo song performances by some of the very talented singers in the batch. There were five anthems interspersed throughout, which the various members of the batch had composed. They performed those to huge applause.

There was a captivating medley of various Hindi songs performed by the singers in the batch, with the audience dancing to the tunes. This was followed by a few more performances, by some familiar and some new faces. Current PGP students supported them on the instruments, with the PGP ’93 students taking over the guitars for a few songs.

Later, the current PGP1 and PGP2 students performed a few favorites which the reuniting batch enjoyed quite a bit and even joined in for a couple of songs. Then came a dance performance choreographed by Sangeeta Modi. There was a brief segue into the birthday celebration of one of their batch-mates. The event concluded with another song performed by the PGP ’93 batch.

The batch had a bunch of other activities planned for the weekend – including a Karaoke night and a game of football. There was a lot of reminiscing throughout, combined with some nostalgia. It is always good to be back on campus. Thankfully, the association with this campus never ends. Until next time!

Arun is a student of PGP 2018-20 batch at IIM Bangalore and is a member of the Student Media Cell.

Media Cell IIMB is the student run outreach and communication committee of IIM Bangalore dedicated to form the bridge within the student community and the outside world.

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