Aarambh 2016


The new batch of PGP1s kicked off the year with a scintillating performance at Aarambh 2016 with the theme “spooktastic”. Congratulations to all PGP1s who were involved with the show, led by POC Adityesh Mitra, for pulling off a well-orchestrated event in just 4 days! This cultural extravaganza, a tradition of IIMB, brings together the entire PGP1 batch to celebrate diversity, hard-work, excellence and culture.  The enthusiasm and team-work shown by the PGP1s was evident for all to see, and contributed to making the event a grand success.

(Thanks to Srividya Ganesan for the photographs)

Music was in the air that night with some amazing vocal and instrumental shows (including a violinist).


A brilliantly organized and themed fashion parade dazzled everyone’s eyes!


Several dance performances entertained the crowd throughout the night


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