A letter from Europe!


Nakul Sehgal, PGP 2014-16

I am currently doing my exchange term at University of St. Gallen in the heart of Europe, Switzerland.Unlike other universities, IIM grads don’t join the regular Master’s classes but actually participate in the International Study Programme (ISP). With a combination of nearly a dozen nationalities, it has been a great cross-cultural experience so far. Apart from the fabled Swiss landscape ( more beautiful than what they show), it is the sheer exactness and precision in everything that amazes me the most about Switzerland. Discovering Europe has been enlightening, each city has its own history, its own cuisine and art. If I have to list down my most memorable moments so far, I would count My Titlis as the best so far. 10000 ft above the sea level and after multiple cable car rides, it was surprising to not only find the entire place swarmed with visitors from the sub-continent and happenstance upon a DDLJ poster outside the Indian restaurant.


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