IIMB Club Series: Dhwani – the music club



Dhwani means melody and that is exactly what the music club of IIMB strives for. It is a vibrant group of music enthusiasts brought together by their passion to create mesmerizing melodies. Dhwani aims to find meaning in the hectic schedule typical of IIM-B and uses music as a medium to relieve stress and rejuvenate the soul. The club aims to get the best of campus musicians to practice together and perform as frequently as possible. The club puts together concerts in a variety of genres – blues, rock, metal, bollywood style, indie pop, electronic, fusion and others! Dhwani specializes in improvisation and adds its own spin to the songs chosen for a performance.

For the benefit of student community, Dhwani organizes workshops in music theory, vocals, and instrument training. The club also conducts jam sessions frequently, where all the interested singers and musicians freely express their musical talent. Best of these sessions are published on the Dhwani Facebook page which currently has more than 1400 followers!

Dhwani gives a number of performances throughout the academic year both individually and in collaboration with other clubs and has been the route to fame for many in the campus. A few that are on the list are Aarambh, the cultural fest for freshers; Eximius, the entrepreneurship summit (in association with ENI club); Vista, the International Business summit (in association with FII), Unmaad, the mega inter-college cultural fest (in association with Culcom) and Udaan, the seniors’ farewell. To do their bit for the society, members of Dhwani (in association with Vikasana) visit various NGOs and perform for people with special needs.

Dhwani has 12 members (8 senior coordinators and 4 junior coordinators) who manage the activities of the club. Membership is open to anyone with a passion for music and auditions are conducted each year to select the best musicians on campus.

It is Dhwani’s constant endeavour to promote music on campus by offering opportunities for uninhibited self-expression to the student community. The stage beckons, are you ready?

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