IIMB Club Series: Tejas


We all have heard of the Harvard Business Review – in fact their articles and cases have given us all sleepless nights! But we have something very similar much closer home – ‘IIMB Management Review’ and it’s brainchild ‘Tejas’.In Sanskrit , Tejas means ‘brightness’ or ‘brilliance’  and the guys at ‘Tejas@iimb’ are certainly living up to the name ! They have developed a knowledge portal that aims at providing the corporate and management community across the world with ‘a unique blend of contemporary business insights and academic inputs, keeping in mind a practitioner’s point of view across sectors, functions and geographies’.

To put it simply, although the work that these guys do at Tejas can hardly be classified as ‘simple’, Tejas captures interviews, articles , projects , term papers , collaborative research work , interactions with the industry ,the works and makes it available to people like us  all around the globe. They partner up with the faculty, hold white-collar competitions, publish CCS projects and what not! In course of the infinite number of projects that students here at IIMB do, they actually get to apply the concepts taught in class in the practical world and the knowledge that they gain from this experience is definitely something worth sharing. The insights that the faculty provide on diverse topics , interviews of industry experts  – anything worth sharing and you have your friendly neighborhood knowledge portal ‘Tejas’ ! If you have seen the online portal, and I very strongly recommend that you do in case you already haven’t, the range of articles there is bound to make you salivate! It’s like an all-you-can eat buffet for knowledge-hungry people. And the best part is these articles are written mostly by student authors. So people out there with interesting views and knowledge worth sharing know whose door to knock .

The Tejas team also has a very structured plan in terms of where they are and what they want to achieve – from passive editing and interviews (which they currently do) to making IIMB the strongest management research centre in India and exporting research across India and abroad – they have chalked out a clear game plan and are intent on achieving it to a T.

They recently finished two events in ‘War of the sections’ and there’s one more on the way – the fantastic ‘Fundtastic’, at Eximius 2015. And if you recently spotted your batch mates clicking photos in weird poses , it was probably for this awesome idea that the Tejas guys came up with – ‘Framework Framed’ – depicting marketing frameworks using selfies!

Here’s wishing Tejas@iimb a ‘long’ and ‘prosperous’ journey ahead, the Klingon way. May the force be with them!


From L-R : Neelesh,Divyesh,Arihant and Malavika



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