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Live the Dream

TedxIIMB Speakers

Imagine if Martin Luther King did not ‘have a dream’. What would be the state of the African Americans in the United States today? Imagine if Edison or Archimedes or Galileo did not have their vision. What would be the state of modern technology and for that matter life today? It is such dreams and visions that elevate civilization and carve the path for future generations to innovate and succeed.
Human civilization is ever evolving and seeking out realms, that a few hundred years back were not even part of dreams. The quest for a utopian existence is leading humans to realize their potential and conquer the hurdles. Yesterday, it would have been incredulous to think that an African American Muslim would be the President of the power house of the world, yet today that is true. Yesterday, it would have been unthinkable for a woman to be the CEO of one of the biggest MNCs in the world, yet today Indra Nooyi has proved it to be true. It is the power of such dreams that propels thought and explores the unimaginable. Without vision, without dreams, we would stagnate and eventually start moving backwards; this would be a phenomenon so twisted and wrong that the very concept of life would collapse on our planet. We believe it is our duty to honor such men and women of vision by lending our ears to their saga of extraordinary heroism and innovation. We invite you to TEDxIIMB 2013 with an aim to celebrate dreams, the ability in some to live them to the fullest and the hope that we can all follow in their footsteps.

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