IIMB Club Series: Dress Circle

Eximius PhotoWall

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and there is no better way to capture and convey a story than doing it through a picture. Dress Circle, the official video and photography club at IIM Bangalore is right now spearheading this peaceful revolution of broadening every IIM B students’ perspectives through not only its pictures, but also various events planned throughout the year.

Since its inception, the club has been instrumental in capturing the serenity (amidst the hustle and the bustle) of student life. Be it a guest lecture, placement celebrations, a birthday or a cultural event, you will be sure to spot a few cool folks wielding their cams and chronicling away the proceedings in ways none of us could have imagined can be done. And no, its not all about the camera: they often blow every one at campus away with their adeptness at mobile photography and creative design as well.

Besides doing this awesome work, the club also encourages photography among the students at IIM B through various initiatives. It organized a “photowalk” where many students enjoyed a stroll around the campus and got to click many pictures as well. In addition, the club also conducted a basic and advanced photography workshop for everyone. And since entrepreneurship is what everyone is talking about, during IIMB’s annual entrepreneurship summit Eximius 2015, Dress Circle organized a unique one of a kind exhibition and contest called “David vs Golliath” where participants were required to contrast and compare the life at a startup and a corporate, all through 2 pictures!

A super cool movie series, special events and photo booths on Diwali, a short movie and ad making competition and many more exciting stuff for IIM B’s cultural festival Unmaad 2016 are already in the pipeline for the club. Colourful and exciting times lie ahead for everyone at IIM B!


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