IIMB Club Series: ShARE @ IIMB


The simplest way to describe ShARE is that it is a think tank. It connects talented students to global leaders to discuss global  economic issues. ShARE has 6 knowledge networks – energy, industry, ICT, business strategy, global economics and finance. ShARE has 32 teams in 16 countries across 4 continents. In India, ShARE has a student chapter in prestigious institutes such as IITD, IITB, IITK, IIMA, IIMB, IIMC among others.

The student chapter of ShARE at IIMB comprises of 18 members, 9 of whom are senior coordinators and 9 are junior coordinators. ShARE provides its members with an opportunity to network globally with other ShARE members, gives them an access to superlative resource banks, an experience of being a consultant and the opportunity to organize interesting events. The IIMB chapter of ShARE has three verticals, business strategy, finance and industry with 3 senior coordinators and 3 junior coordinators under each vertical. Shrirang Chillapur and Govind Gopinath are the current presidents for the IIMB chapter.

Some of the projects undertaken by ShARE in 2014-2015 included calculation of the consumer price index at IIMB, a study on the trends n the banking sector in India, the state of the Indian pharmaceutical industry in the changing environment. Some of the other projects ShARE members are involved in include working with a number of startups on evaluating the market for their products and establishing their business strategy.  In another project, the members are working with a large Indian conglomerate on the issue of healthcare.

The IIMB ShARE chapter also organized two events at war of sections – Product Genie, a case study competition and Bizz-inga, a business quiz. Another event in the pipeline during Vista 2015 is Czars of Commerce, which is a case study competition designed to exercise ones imagination, creativity and business acumen to solve problems of the real world.

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